“Saving the One”pro-life conference

“Saving the One”
pro-life conference
Saturday, May 11th, 9am to 3pm
This pro-life “Saving the One” conference is a fundraiser for the West Pasco Women’s Wellness & Pregnancy Center. The Center is committed to saving the lives of unborn children, offering counseling and assistance to pregnant women and guiding them in their decision to parent, or choosing adoption rather than abortion. We have some amazing success stories, but we can’t be effective in our mission without the financial support of good folks like yourselves. This pro-life Conference will be a very positive experience for you, one that you will not soon forget. We trust that you will prayerfully consider attending, knowing that monies raised from the registration will go directly to the Center.
Thank you for sharing this invitation and thank you as always for your continued support!

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